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Entry #4

Sprites, Sprites SPRITES!

2011-06-19 04:56:17 by Scorpiano

Happy Fathers Day!

Well, I am creating a custom sheet. I got bored of my old one and I really like the look of it so far, It's visually appealing. I have done about 10% of the sprites I need so far.
Progress down below:

10:00am, I have finished the head and body design, I will be working on hands now.
10:22am, Done some hands, and added preview picture. Going to do some guns now, this is the tricky bit...

Sprites, Sprites SPRITES!


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2011-06-19 12:15:24

not bad


2011-06-19 19:09:35

Nice shading on the hands, thought the closest hand looks like it is the wrong way.